Poultry Products

Experience the full sausage flavor with our specially seasoned Fresh & Natural Poultry sausages. Our lower fat poultry sausage contains only fresh poultry thigh meat, locally produced to maintain freshness. Many say that our Chicken Italian Sausages are the best they have ever had!

Sweet Chicken black tray

Chicken Apple Sausage

A new addition to our tasty and more healthy sausage line.

Mild Italian Chicken Sausage

Chicken Mild Italian Sausage

Our Traditional sweet italian recipe mode with fresh (never Frozen) chicken thigh meat

Hot Italian Chicken Sausage

Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

Same recipe as our sweet Chicken Italian Sausage with crushed red chili pepper.

chicken breakfast sausage

Chicken Breakfast Sausage

Just a hint of sage makes this the perfect country link.

Sweet Turkey Sausage

Turkey Sweet Italian Sausage

Made with fresh (never frozen) turkey thigh meat. Same tasty spice blend as our pork italian.

hot turkey Italian Sausage

Turkey Hot Italian Sausage

Same delicious recipe as our Sweet Turkey Italian Sausage but crushed red chili peppers add just the right bite.

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